RV Show

What is an RV show?

RV Show

RV Shows are where many dealers showcase their latest models, accessories and offer deals at one time and at one place. This shows provide a great opportunity for potential buyers to see different models, ask questions, meet other RVers and find the RV that suits their needs for RV life. Rv Show are like the mega-malls of the RV world. These shows are generally held at the weekends. You can bring your whole family and have fun at these shows.

What will you see in an RV show?

You will be able to see a wide variety of RV products and services like hundreds of new and used class A, B and C motorhomes, travel trailers, fifth-wheels, tent trailers, park models, van conversions, truck campers and folding campers, hiking equipment, clothing, the footwear from the leading dealers. You will learn about the latest RV features and innovations, and take advantage of low show pricing. Different merchants will represent the campgrounds, facilities of RV storage and the vacation destinations. There may also be daily seminars that you can learn great ideas, get informations from the experts. Some Rv shows also displays outdoor sporting and camping equipments.


Few of the Rv shows are free while most are costs up to $15 or more. Some vendors give out free tickets at their stores. There may be a coupon in the magazines or newspapers. There can also be discount tickets at show's website or on other advertising materials.

How can i find these shows?

Generally, RV shows are held at a convention centers, hotels, fairgrounds or other large venues. Check out this link or go to vendor shops to see where RV expos are in your area. If you’ve registered your name anywhere before, you will probably receive information about these shows in your mailbox or e-mail.


If you really want the opportunity to see the RVs and related accessories, the best time to go is early in the day. With this, you can enjoy your time without the large crowd. Before you buy an RV at a show, check carefully about what you will buy. There can be damages on RVs because of kids, people who are unfamiliar with RVs etc.

If you are a newbie on RVing, don't be shy about asking questions. The more you know, the better deal you can have. Make notes, take photos, ask many questions. Don't forget what your budget is. Do not try to buy expensive RVs that may cause a financial problem for you in the future.

RV shows are generally large. It can take couple of hours to all day to see everything what you want to see. Dress appropriately and wear a comfortable pair of shoes so they will keep you on your feet.

Just walking through the RVs or asking question to the vendors won't tell you much things. If you think this must be yours and this is the one what you are looking for try it out. Take a test trip, look at the shower, lay on the beds, check the kitchen etc. Simply check out everything.

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