Gun Show

What is a gun show?

Gun Show

Gun show is not like a trade show as we know, it is like a gun-themed flea market. This shows are a great place to get a good deal on a gun or to check out different types of guns and accessories. In a gun show, you can buy, sell or trade firearms, ammo, knives and much more. These show are generalley held at public places such as hotels, convention centers, malls, stadiums, armories etc.  and open to the public. Gun shows also serve as common and recurring meeting places for enthusiasts to discuss gun culture topics such as the right to keep and bear arms.

What will you see at a gun show?

You will see a wide variety of gun and accessories such as discount gun parts, ammunition, holsters, police tactical supplies, archery goods, hunting gear, binoculars, scopes, personal protection items, stun guns, pepper spray and much more.

Obey the laws

Each state in United States has its own laws that pertain to the buying and selling of guns. You can buy your gun product from the dealers and also from the individuals. A dealer should do a background check when he sells a gun. When buying from an individual, you should be carefull about background check and age requirements will be based on state laws instead of federal law. Remember, the bottom line is that all laws apply inside a gun show. Also there are certain rules of safety.


It may be unfair for you to to pay to show. But, most of the gun shows have addmission fee. Typically, average fee is about $7.

Safety: The most important rule

If you want to buy a gun,   treat every gun as if it is loaded.  If you want to sell your gun at a gun show, you should make your gun unloaded for safety of the other people. Never point a gun  anyone, always keep your finger off the trigger and never dry fire a gun without permission. Do not forget to remember that the most important rule of a gun show is safety.

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