Using Social Media To Promote Your Trade Show

Different strategies for social media

Using social media to promote your trade show

Social media is a unique platform for promotion of the trade show. It requires different techniques to develop different strategies for each platform. It is the latest way of promoting the trade fair and is completely different from the traditional format of marketing

Different strategies for using social media to promote your trade show

  • Facebook: you need to create a business fan page in this friendly environment. It gives you a chance to discuss with the audiences by posting videos, articles and images of the product on the page.
  • Google+: it is Facebook competitor and works on similar lines and allows you to share information with your clients.
  • Pinterest: it is the latest entry into the marketing trend. It is an image center platform. The website gives you an opportunity to create your own brand personality.
  • Twitter: helps you broadcast all the updates across the internet. Informs the followers about trade show and in return gives new followers as well.
  • YouTube: helps in video promotion of the product. You can upload your product video. The video describes the product to the viewer effectively. People can watch it to understand.

All are different but equally successful medium of promotion.

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